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Photo 1 of 13Image 1 ] . (exceptional Ascii Code Table #1)

Image 1 ] . (exceptional Ascii Code Table #1)

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ASCII (askē),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a standard code, consisting of 128 7-bit combinations, for characters stored in a computer or to be transmitted between computers.


code (kōd),USA pronunciation n., v.,  cod•ed, cod•ing. 
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  5. any authoritative, general, systematic, and written statement of the legal rules and principles applicable in a given legal order to one or more broad areas of life.
  6. a word, letter, number, or other symbol used in a code system to mark, represent, or identify something: The code on the label shows the date of manufacture.
  7. the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers;
    the set of instructions in such a program: That program took 3000 lines of code.Cf. ASCII, object code, source code.
  8. any system or collection of rules and regulations: a gentleman's code of behavior.
  9. a directive or alert to a hospital team assigned to emergency resuscitation of patients.
  10. See  genetic code. 
    • the system of rules shared by the participants in an act of communication, making possible the transmission and interpretation of messages.
    • (in sociolinguistic theory) one of two distinct styles of language use that differ in degree of explicitness and are sometimes thought to be correlated with differences in social class. Cf. elaborated code, restricted code.

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  2. to arrange or enter (laws or statutes) in a code.
  3. to translate (a program) into language that can be communicated to the computer.

  1. to specify the amino acid sequence of a protein by the sequence of nucleotides comprising the gene for that protein: a gene that codes for the production of insulin.
coder, n. 
codeless, adj. 


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TNT Basic

TNT Basic

ASCII Table Landscape .jpg .

ASCII Table Landscape .jpg .

ASCII TABLE Ascii Character Codes Decimal Hex Chart Conversion
ASCII TABLE Ascii Character Codes Decimal Hex Chart Conversion
Decimal-to-ASCII Chart.
Decimal-to-ASCII Chart.
ASCII Code Table.
ASCII Code Table.
The ASCII Table Has 128 Characters, With Values From 0 Through 127. Thus, 7  Bits Are Sufficient To Represent A Character In ASCII; However, Most  Computers .
The ASCII Table Has 128 Characters, With Values From 0 Through 127. Thus, 7 Bits Are Sufficient To Represent A Character In ASCII; However, Most Computers .
ASCII Chart On Wikipedia
ASCII Chart On Wikipedia
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